What is online connector?

Online connector is an online email and text message marketing tool. With it you can easily create professional looking marketing emails, send them out to your subscribers and monitor how well you did. Similarly, you can bulk send SMS text messages to your subscribers' mobile phones.

Online connector is provided to you as a service in return for a monthly fee - see our pricing page for more.

  • Easily create professional looking marketing emails
  • Mass send your emails at a time of your choosing
  • Monitor how well your marketing email was received
  • Tools for collecting email addresses and mobile phone numbers
  • Works together with social media
  • No software to install and maintain
  • No technical skills needed
  • Subscribers data stored in the UK (not USA)
  • Keeps you compliant with UK and EU data protection laws

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Who is it for?

Businesses wanting to create powerful, personalised online marketing that gets results. Suitable for absolute beginners right up to seasoned marketing professionals.

  • FoodCommerce online retailers - email marketing is the primary marketing tool of online retailers and is absolutely essential if you have ambitions of growing your business. To augment your online business we will provide you with a free email template branded similar to your online shop and support you in using the two together.
  • Other businesses - we give you all the features from the outset enabling you to do more.
  • Marketing agencies - creating marketing emails is both quick and easy making online connector an ideal tool for providing email marketing services to others.

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What is permission marketing?

"Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them." Seth Godin...

Getting people's permssion is good business sense as it keeps costs down whilst significantly increasing the chances of your message getting through. Permission email marketing is known for its high Return on Investment (ROI) and in their 2015 report the Direct Marketing Association stated the average ROI as £38 for every £1 spent. An increase of 53%! Conversely, sending emails to people without their permission is spam, illegal, unlikely to succeed and will do damage to your brand.

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Easy list management

Organise your subscribers into lists and your lists into folders. Subscribers that appear in more than one list are automatically recognised as the same person and treated as such. That means you only get billed once for each unique subscriber and your data is always up to date for each list.

Easily import your data into a list from a CSV file. Duplicates are automatically removed so you will never send multiple emails to the same person. Choose whether to update or keep existing data.

When someone unsubscribes they are added to your "do not contact" list and will never be emailed again, even if you import them again or add them to another list.

  • Unlimited lists and folders
  • Securely stored subscriber data
  • Intelligent subscriber management
  • Import your data
  • "Do Not Contact" list

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Collect email addresses with forms

Putting a subscription form on your website is a great way for people interested in your business to opt-in to your email marketing.

  • Create great looking forms in minutes
  • Drag-and-drop design
  • No coding
  • Theme your form to match your brand
  • Trigger emails to welcome them or provide further information
  • Send you a notification when someone subscribes
subscription form

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Easy email creation

Our new email editor makes creating emails quicker, more flexible and more consistent than ever before. Drag and drop in components to create your layout. Add your images and text. Use themes to change colours and text sizes. Add in some links. It's ready to send!

  • Drag and drop layout design
  • Styles are contained in easy to use themes
  • Behind the scenes responsive design
  • Drop and drag in images
  • Crop and rotate images
  • Easy formatting of text

To see how easy it is to create a marketing email please watch our video.

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Bulk send your emails

Once you have created your email bulk send to your subcribers at a time of your choosing. Send to all of them, the ones on a specific list, a combination of lists or those segmented into an audience.

  • Schedule the time your emails are sent out
  • Easily select and filter your target subscribers

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How were your emails received?

Once you send out an email campaign you can see exactly how it is performing in real-time and how your readers are interacting with it.

The true value of this data is that by seeing how your subscribers behave you learn what interests them. You then use that knowledge to make your emails of more interest and thereby increase the effectiveness of your marketing. The data will also tell you the subscribers that are interested in certain subjects and you can use that in deciding future emails.

analyse campaign

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Marketing automation

Marketing automation lets you send incredibly relevant emails to subscribers in response to an event. That event might be a date like someone's birthday or an action like opening an email, clicking a link or a subscriber being added to a list. These personal one-to-one emails tend to get incredibly high open rates and click-throughs because they reach out to people at the right moment.

Marketing Automation events

Events are things that trigger an action:

  • Date trigger – someone’s birthday, subscription or other notable date.
  • Open email – triggered when someone opens a specific email campaign.
  • Click link – triggered when someone clicks a specific link, or any link in a selected campaign.
  • Add to list – triggered when a subscriber is added to a specific list.

Marketing Automation actions

Actions are what happens when your event is triggered, you can choose from:

  • Send a notification to tell someone the event was triggered and who triggered it, like a sales person.
  • Send the subscriber a specified email.
  • Send an SMS message to the subscribers mobile phone.
  • Move, copy or remove the subscriber from a list.

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SMS Marketing

Bulk sending personalised text messages to people's mobile phones is great when you need to get a simple time sensitive message across, for example "Hurry Tony, half price sausages today until stocks last". People can also send you a text message to opt-in to your marketing.

To send out SMS messages you need SMS credits (see pricing). Receiving SMS messages is free.

  • Bulk send personalised SMS messages
  • Receive opt-in SMS messages
  • Automatically reply with welcome SMS message
  • Receive opt-in SMS messages containing email address
  • Automatically add email address to new list
  • Automatically send welcome email with more information, offer, etc.
SMS editor

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